"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution.." and so evolved Bhu:sattva, an Organic, Ethical, Fair Trade Concept!

Back in 2009, when there were few organic players in the industry who although followed the 'organic' trend but the use of toxic, artificial dyestuff on their clothing didn't really help to strengthen the Organic, Sustainable Fashion.

Bhu:sattva is a brand which has "started green" instead of "going green". The idea was to inculcate ethics and sustainability in the entire supply chain and thus come up with a Fair Trade Concept! Talking about supply chain, the core designing team & artisans, working together from the same platform, is the reason behind a strong backward integration of Bhu:sattva Fashion House. Also, in Organic clothing industry, the preamble of organic farming has been aimed at conservation and optimized utilization of all natural resources. Takers of organic cotton are very few and the farmers have to bear the brunt of this. Moreover, Bhu:sattva offers classic clothing that is eco-friendly and last longer. The brand strongly avoids fast fashion which represents the mass market where goods are sold at throw away prices. When you buy cheap outfits know that the hands instrumental in creating them are being paid much less than they deserve. Direct purchase by Bhu:sattva encourages farmers to cultivate organic cotton and also provide them a livelihood they deserve. Bhu:sattva also promotes the use of herbs with renowned medicinal properties, for coloring its garments. These natural colors help in rejuvenating the skin of the user rather than causing any harm unlike artificial colors. Moreover, Bhu:sattva strives to revive the famous art forms of various regions of India. It's not only a way of giving our customers the best, but also an attempt to give the makers what they deserve‚ÄĒeconomical and social upliftment. Bhu:sattva brings these art forms to international platform by blending them with contemporary fashion .

Bhu:sattva is slowly but surely attempting at changing the way people look at the closest thing to us!