Social Projects

Khadi Art

seen here from left Miss SONIA DEOTTO Director Ora World Mandala from Italy, Miss ROOPAL KUMARPALBHAI SHAH Chairperson RISING TRADELINK LIMITED, Shri PRAVINBHAI K. LAHERI former Chief Secretary of Gujarat State, Chief Guest Mrs. TARA GANDHI BHATTACHARJEE, Grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi and Vice-chairperson of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti and Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Dr. RAGHUVIR CHAUDHARY, prominent Gujarati Author and Educationalist, Mr. AMRUTLAL PARMAR, founder and CEO of Women Empowerment Corporation, and Mrs. WANDA CASARIL ZAMICHIELI, conceptual artist from Italy and social activist.

A new artistic product line of Bhu:sattva, "Khadi Art" was launched in association with WEC (Women Empowerment Corporation) and OWM (Ora World Mandala).

Ora World Mandala is a movement whose objective is to create a model of education for "Ahimsa through Art". OWM principally operates in India and Mexico in a partnership with the peace Research center, Gujarat Vidyapeeth (the university founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920) and CCUT-UNAM, Tlatelolco University Cultural Center- National Autonomous University of Mexico, for creating activities and actions to overcome social conflicts. Also the organization does work for world peace foundation.

Through Khadi art, Bhu:sattva desired to revive a basic principle of Gandhian Philosophy, making the creators empowered both economically and socially. This activity for dignity of women's identity is homage to Gandhi's spinning of the wheel creating Khadi, which played a key role in the struggle towards Independence. People from different religious inter faiths, primarily women, like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh community, Christian community have come together for "Khadi Art" project to weave ahimsa through art. The 'Khadi Art' Collection was designed by Ms. Wanda Casaril Zamichieli, conceptual artist from Italy.

In the present times, when the whole world is reeling under energy crisis and threatening climate changes. Khadi also gives the message of energy conservation and recourse to renewable energy. Khadi is thus a new Mantra for sustainable development. Creation gets its true meaning through such an initiative with a hope that the "wheel" never slows down.

Women empowerment efforts in collaboration with Gujarat State Government- India:

Mission Mangalam

Strong belief in philosophy of "Business with human face" led him to initiate a project called 'Suvarana Jyot' which would empower the lives of thousands of women by engaging them in different processes of organic garment manufacturing and help them realize their true potential and worth. The brand has signed an MOU with the Gujarat Government to empower 10,000 rural women.

Through this project, training would be provided to underprivileged women in different processes of the production of organic garments such as herbal dyeing, block printing, cutting & stitching, embroidery, Khadi art and revival of languishing art forms.

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company, bhu:sattva takes a step further by associating with CRY (Childs Right & You) to ensure rights for every child to be able to access good schools, be healthy, play and experience a childhood.