The Ecopreneur

Jainam Kumarpal - An enigmatic genius and originator of the brand bhu:sattva is a new breed visionary with completely different scheme of things in mind. He has redefined the boundaries of business and achieved profundity on the turf of organic fashion and organic agro industry within a short span of 5 years. Varied expertise in all spheres of management has helped him to steer away business dilemmas & challenges with ease.

As the pillars are laid down for building a sacred temple likewise, the pillars of the brand bhu:sattva are laid down by Mr. Kumarpal. These pillars are based on strong ethos of sustainable living promoted by the organic fabrics and herbal dyes, social empowerment promoted by projects, revival of ancient and languishing art forms promoted by bringing artisans & craftsmen to national and international platforms.

Incessant attempt is made by him under the umbrella of 'bhu:sattva' to weave the fast depleting ancient & languishing art forms by using traditional methods on organic fabrics in creating designer wear of current trends which will help protect such art forms from getting lost in the world of modernity and artificiality.He has been working with artisans and designers of different genres towards amalgamating the local indigenous craft and international fashion trends. Styling and surface ornamentation are his area of interest and he has worked comprehensively on various theme based collections. He manages to create magic by striking a perfect balance between western influences and Indian sensibilities.

His involvement in various facets of the designing of the collection such as conceptualization of the theme, execution of the concept, styling and other facets ensues into an exceptional output using minimal resources.

Mr. Kumarpal has been instrumental in initiating a one-of-its kind project "Khadi Art"- Ahimsa through Art. It is an artistic creation based on the use of "aanti," a roll of hand spun yarn. He is extremely passionate about supporting the organic movement thereby helping to breathe life back into the land. His vision to create a better tomorrow is to switch to organic practices which will recreate an environment that is hospitable to nature.

Apart from interest in fashion, he is an avid reader of non-fictional and inspirational books. He loves listening to music and has an exhaustive unpublished collection of some of the rare musical pieces of the musical maestros which are also some of their best works so far. Being an ardent art collector, he has collected breathtaking artifacts from all over India and global jaunt.