Hand-crafted Techniques


At Bhu:sattva, we embellish our garments with various traditional hand-painting techniques in natural colors along with discovering our own unconventional ways. viz., kalam-kari, brush strokes, finger imprints, etc. After undergoing a long & careful process of extracting the colors from plants and minerals, preparing the dye-stuff, painting the fabric, allowing it to dry and then sending it for construction, the ensemble that comes out, is an exotic style, giving a true reflection of cultural amalgamation with an unflinching Indian ethnicity.

Bhu:sattva promotes the use of herbs with renowned medicinal properties, for coloring its garments. These natural colors help in rejuvenating the skin of the user rather than causing any harm unlike artificial colors.


We, at Bhu:sattva offer hand embroidered garments, inspired by traditional Indian Art and Contemporary design trends. Our Ensembles, thus, are a perfect embodiment of unique designs and styles of hand-embroidery, hand-beaded embroidery, thread-work embroidery, etc. And the most striking feature is the fact that-- It strives to express refinement, finesse & elegance with a cause—To revive the traditional Art & Craft of India.

The detail and intricacy involved in each ensemble takes countless hours & concentration. But the rewards and uniqueness of the finished piece are so much more than our words can express.

Hand Block-Printing

INDIA, since ancient times is known for its inimitable arts and crafts. One of the most popular form of hand printing is –hand block printing. In olden times printing was done using vegetable dyes especially on cotton fabric. At bhu:sattva we encourage and use hand block printing with herbal /natural and vegetable dyes on Organic cotton and Organic silks using traditional techniques and preventing use of artificial colors and synthetic dyes. Bhu:sattva strives in reviewing this art form and absorbing various alien influences to retain its traditional identity and unique character thereby keeping the art alive and driving the legacy forward.